The Story of SOSS®


Being a person of color in a corporate environment can be both a blessing and a curse. Too often, you may find yourself shrinking who you are, and sacrificing your self-care, to fit in with the majority around you. 

Our founder made the decision to no longer present as anyone other than his organic self – no matter how “different” that person was from the people beside him, or the person that others expected him to be.

For him, the first step to personal freedom was prioritizing self-care, and growing his beard to its deserved glory: thick, full, and powerful. He leveraged raw necessities for grooming success, and as a result, unlocked true self-care. Now, he is committed to helping others take that first step towards personal freedom, and optimal self-care.

So Organic, So Suave (SOSS®) was created for us to embrace all that we are. We translate love of self into daily grooming, and overall life, routines, by producing top-quality essentials that help you look good, feel great, love who you are, and welcome who you are growing to be. 



Vernon G. Yancy is an authentic, confident, and passionate curator from Los Angeles, California. After graduating Cum Laude from Howard University in 2016, Vernon entered corporate America as a business technology consultant. Quickly, he learned conforming was not his calling, and decided to evade the status quo by growing his beard to its full length, naturally and unapologetically.

After mastering organic beard care, Vernon launched SOSS®, softly, in 2019. In 2020, SOSS® officially launches with an expanded product suite, now including hair care, skin care, and fashion essentials. Vernon pledges to continue to provide opportunities for people to look good, feel great, love who they are, and embrace who they are becoming.