Feel Good Ingredients.

Our Grooming Essentials are crafted from organic, natural, and raw ingredients,
found in the purest parts of the world. 
Take a look at the why behind our feel good ingredients below:
Shea Butter is a highly fatty substance used for added moisture to hair and skin.Cocoa Butter is a highly fatty substance that softens skin and hair.Raw Beeswax locks in moisture to the hair for added strength and softness.Mango Butter is a natural substance, high in fats, that prevents hair breakage.Eucalyptus Essential Oil is ideal for stimulating hair follicles and improving hair health.Peppermint Essential Oil can increase circulation and promote hair growth.Lavender Essential Oil unites antifungal properties alongside anxiety and eczema-fighting components.Rosemary Essential Oil is an aromatic herb that features an energizing, evergreen, citrus-like, herbaceous scent, alongside growth-stimulating properties.Cinnamon Bark essential oil stimulates the scalp and increases blood circulationLemon Essential Oil balances oil and prevents infections for oily hair and acne prone scalps.Coconut Oil is a known humectant that excessively moisturizes and nourishes skin and hair.Grapeseed Oil is a nutrient-rich oil that moisturizes skin without a greasy feel.Sweet Almond Oil is used to moisturize hair and nourish skin.Jamaican Black Castor Oil is used for optimum hair growth and skin moisture.Aloe Vera Juice is a historic remedy used to soothe skin irritations and absorb moisture into hair follicles.Vegetable Glycerin is a natural humectant used to trap water into hair to prevent dryness.The SOSS® Bar is a naturally cleansing, bacteria-fighting weapon that leaves your beard, hair, and body clean, calm, and soothed of irritation.