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It’s SOSS, and I want to share this four (4) step overview for optimal beard care, featuring the all-natural SOSS® Suite:


First things first, whatever comes out of your body, is dependent on what goes into your body. So, drink lots and lots of water to maintain a balance in your system that will impact both hair care and skin care. Water consumption plays a role in beard growth as well, so this is why I always lead with this.

Note: Some sources recommend that you drink 2/3 (or 67%) of your body weight in ounces of water per day.


Secondly, we must keep our beards clean, but also keep them healthy. If you experience dandruff, an itch, or a mysterious smell rising towards your nostrils, then you’re quite possible overdue for a nice, deep, beard cleanse. I’d recommend using a natural soap to cleanse your beard, and the SOSS® Bar is our natural approach to appropriate cleaning. It contains all the natural and raw ingredients necessary to fight bacteria, strengthen hair, and heal the skin underneath. As for frequency, limit washing your beard to no more than twice per week! Cleaning with soap too often will strip your follicles of the oils and moisture necessary to continuously repair, strengthen, and grow your facial hair.


Number 3, moisturize moisturize moisturize! After you clean your beard, but no more than twice per week, you want to replenish the moisture that you have removed. A leave-in deep conditioner, with a strong hold and moisture sealant, is ideal for this. I’d recommend the Stimulating Beard Butter by SOSS®. The raw beeswax and other beneficial ingredients locks in the moisture and nutrients necessary for strengthened hair and soothed skin beneath.


Lastly...moisturize again, and daily! A light moisturizer that compliments your morning routine will keep your beard appropriately nourished throughout the day. I’d recommend the Moisturizing Beard Soufflé by SOSS®. The various scent profiles are alluring, the texture is ideal, and the shine that it leaves is long lasting.


The three (3) products linked are ideal essentials for beard maintenance and growth, and are available in a bundle, as well as lavender and cinnamon specific scent profiles.


Let me know if this helps in the comments below!


Organic at all times. Suave without effort.

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