Beard Styles That Are Back - and Not Going Anywhere.

Beard Styles That Are Back - and Not Going Anywhere.

A beard is something that some of us spend a lot of time growing and shaping to fit our desired look. And let’s be real, our beards elevate our game, confidence, and leave us feeling great. Whether you prefer to keep it tame with some chin hair, or go all out with SOSS® starred, big beard energy, you have to adapt the right routine to keep it looking fresh.


Our SOSS® grooming experts have you covered with ideal routines, featuring the best products, for the perfect beard style for you:


Taye Diggs chin hair dates back before All American. His clear melanin skin is due to a dedicated grooming routine.Mustache | Chin Hair
The mustache will forever be the go-to for some men who like a little facial hair. Some also opt for a chin hair combo or just prefer to rock the chin hair solo. If you are the man who prefers to keep his facial hair to a minimum, you’ll need something light to keep it fresh and not weighed down. Try the Moisturizing Beard Soufflé to give your nose a pleasant smell and to keep the chin hairs healthy and soft. It’s the only daily beard vitamin we trust, and we recommend you use it during your morning grooming routine. 
GoateeMorris Chestnut's perfect goatee is the essence of his image. Morris Chestnut's skincare routine requires moisture on his skin and facial hair.
If you are the type of man who likes to wear a goatee, make sure it’s trimmed up nice, then focus on nourishing it. The goatee is a style that is taking over our streets, clubs, offices, and cookouts. If this is your preferred style, we recommend that you also opt for the Moisturizing Beard Soufflé to nurture the hair connection developed and soften the hairs. This soufflé transforms into a moisturizing beard oil to give your goatee a nice shine.
Omari Hardwick beard is low-cut and still in power. Omari Hardwick grooming routine requires a natural beard moisturizer that moisturizes sensitive skin underneath the stubble
Low-cut Beard
The Low-cut beard is a classic look. It’s subtle while still making a statement, which is why a lot of us like to wear it. If you choose to rock a low-cut beard we recommend you try the OG Beard Duo. The Stimulating Beard Butter leaves your beard feeling super soft, while the Moisturizing Beard Soufflé leaves the skin under the beard stubble hydrated and healthy, not oily or weighed down.
Odell Beckham Jr (OBJ) beard is full and ready for football. OBJ beard care routine is as luxurious as his watch collection or shoe collection.Full Beard
Tired of the low-cut beard and kept it growing? Some of us want our beards to make a bigger statement. If you want your full beard to look fresh, we recommend the OG Beard Growth Essentials – the bundle pack with everything you need.
Close up on Stalley's beard and Stalley's beard care routine for big beard energyMr. SOSS®
Now for the big beard energy. The Mr. SOSS® is the beard of all beards. It’s the beard that all other beards aspire to be. It’s a beard that makes the main statement when you walk into any room. If you are rocking with the Mr. SOSS®, you need to put some big beard energy in to keep it looking fresh. We recommend the Pure Beard Growth Essentials. It's a package that will give you all the tools to clean, hydrate, and detangle your beard. Plus, it comes in a sweet cinnamon scent. Simply put, it’s fitting for someone brave enough to dawn the big beard energy.
Idris Alba clean shaven with natural skincare products for black men in online shave clubs and with razor subscriptionsNo Facial Hair
For those with razor subscriptions, or the loyal members of online shave clubs, and prefer to keep it clean-shaven, we still recommend you keep that melanin nice with a quick post-shave routine:
    • Cleanse with our SOSS® Bar to remove left over shaving cream and hair.
    • Moisturize your skin with our all-natural Blessed Face Salve (returning soon) to keep the skin hydrated and razor bumps under-control.



    At SOSS® we believe that every man should have the proper tools for their grooming needs. Shop our skin, hair, and beard care collections today!


     For more information or questions about SOSS® brand products, contact us.

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