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SOSS® Beard Care 101 - Routine


Mr. SOSS® here, and I am back to help guide you on your journey towards optimal beard care, featuring the top-quality SOSS® Suite.


Grooming routines are always top of mind when it comes to beard care, and the question is always what is the best routine for me? I decided to walk you through the two-part routine that I have used to maintain and grow my beard over and over again:



As we established in SOSS® Beard Care 101 – Products, I recommend that you wash your beard, at most, twice per week. Now after you wash, you want to make sure you are replenishing the nutrients necessary to maintain softness and strength. Here’s how I do it:

  1. DEEP CLEANSE with the SOSS® Bar
  2. DEEP CONDITION with the Stimulating Beard Butter by SOSS®
  3. DETANGLE GENTLY with the SOSS® Detangler Kit



Days when I am not employing the WASH ROUTINE, I opt for a nice, thorough, beard rinse to remove any unnecessary build up. Then, I want to moisturize my beard and give it a shine that’ll last throughout the day. Here’s how I do it:

  1. RINSE with lukewarm water.
  2. MOISTURIZE with the Moisturizing Beard Soufflé by SOSS®
  3. DETANGLE GENTLY with the SOSS® Detangler Kit



If you are looking to catalyze your beard growth, use a little of the Stimulating Beard Butter by SOSS® daily before you put on the Moisturizing Beard Soufflé by SOSS®. But only a little, like one (1) small layer across your beard. Excess of anything is no bueno, and too much product in your beard can create a breeding ground for bacteria.



As with any routine, consistency is key! Follow this guide, consistently, for three (3) months, and track your progress!


The products linked herein are SOSS® essentials for beard maintenance and growth, and are available in a bundle.


For more information or questions about SOSS® brand products, contact us.


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