Our Why.

Ever been in a room where you felt like the odd one out, be it in a corporate office, a local restaurant, or even among your own family during dinner? It's that nagging sensation that makes you contemplate shrinking yourself, stifling your true essence, just to blend in with the crowd.


Let's be real – we've been there too! The struggle to fit in was very overwhelming, pushing us to sacrifice who we are in the pursuit of acceptance.


But guess what? We broke free from that self-imposed cage, and it's nothing short of extraordinary! Now, we step into every room with unshakable confidence, and undeniable suave, embracing our most authentic selves at every moment. 


And honestly, this transformation didn't happen overnight. It's been a daily journey of self-discovery, resilience, and embracing our flaws as badges of honor. We faced the fear of judgment head-on, and on the other side, we found liberation.


Now, our mission is clear – we want to bring us all on this path of living life unapologetically as ourselves. No more shrinking, no more sacrificing – just us, in all of our organic, unfiltered brilliance.


Here's our story.